Product Parameters

Ebaketa neurria1300x2500mm1500x3000mm
Ebaketa metodoaplasma
Max travel speed0-50m / min
Ebaketa-abiadura0-8000 mm/min
Running accuracy≤0.1mm
Height controlTHC (Torch Height Controller function)
Ebaketa lodieraAccording to the power supply( 4-200mm)
Cutting gasAir
Gas pressure0.4-0.8Mpa for normal plasma power
Gidatzeko sistema Dual drive
Servo motorStepper  Motor and driver /Servo (Optional)
X, Y axisHigh Quality Rack & Pinion and Taiwan linear rail
Auto ignitionAR235
Tentsioa220V / 380V
Kontrol SistemaSTART
Fitxategiak transferitzeaUSB

Produktuaren Deskribapena

Applicable industries

Ship Building,Construction Equipment,Transport Equipment,Aerospace Industry,Bridge Building,Military industrial,Wind power,Structural Steel,Boiler containers,Agriculture Machinery,Chassis electrical cabinets,Elevator manufacturers,Textile Machinery,Environmental protection equipment,ect.

Applicable materials

Aluminum,Copper,Titanium,Nickel,Iron,Galvanized sheet,White steel,Titanium plate,Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Alloy steel,Composite metal

Gure Zerbitzuak

1) 24 Hours online service.

2) 2 years warranty for the whole machine except for wearing parts.

3) Engineers available to service machinery overseas and also remote assistance.

4) Inquiry and consulting support.

5) View our Factory.

6) Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
7) Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine in our factory. We provide food and accommodation.

8) XQ Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd supply free technical training for all customers all over the world until the workers from buyer can operate the machine normally and individually.


Egoera: Berria
Jatorrizko lekua: Txina (kontinentala)
Model Number: XQ-1325/1530/2030
Tentsioa: 220V / 380V
Rated Power:3KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 3380*2150*1500mm
Pisua: 2000KG
Ziurtagiria: CE ISO
Bermea: 2 urte
Saldu osteko zerbitzua: Atzerrian zerbitzuko makineria eskuragarri dauden ingeniariak
Model: 1325 1530 Portable Plasma Flame Cutting Machine Cutter 100A
Working area: 1300x2500mm
Plasma power: 60A/65A/100A/125A/200A
Plasma source: Chinese LGK/ USA hypertherm
Kontrol sistema: START Kontrol sistema
Ebaketa lodiera: 0-30mm
Cutting speed: 0-8000 mm/min
Running accuracy: ≤0.1mm
Height control: THC (Torch Height Controller function)
Servo motor: Stepper Motor and driver /Servo