Prezio merkeak metalezko xaflarako cnc gasa mozteko makina eramangarria


Egoera: Berria
Tentsioa: 380V
Potentzia nominala: 7,5kw
Neurria (L * W * H): 1500 * 3000mm
Weight: CE ISO
Ziurtagiria: CE ISO
Bermea: urtebete
Saldu osteko zerbitzua: Atzerrian zerbitzuko makineria eskuragarri dauden ingeniariak
Product name: cnc gas cutter
XYZ Axis Driver: Steper Motors
Working Dictate: G Code
Document Transmission Form: USB Interface
operating system: START system
Power Supply: LGK/US-Cut-Master /Hyperthem
Lan egiteko modua: ukitu gabeko arku deigarria
Cutting modeW: Plasma Cutting+ Flame Cutting
Cutting speedCutting material: 0-8000mm/min


Produktuaren Deskribapena

Product Name
Argindarraren tentsioa
Power Supply Frequency
50HZ /60HZ
Pantaila LCD dimentsioa
Ebaketaren zabalera eraginkorra (X ardatza)
1300mm, 1500mm
Ebaketa-luzera eraginkorra (Y ardatza)
2000mm, 2500mm,3000mm, 6000mm
Abiadura ebaketa
0-4000mm / min
Plasma Ebaketa Lodiera
2--40mm ( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
Sutea ebaketaren lodiera
Gurutze habeen luzera
Trenbidearen luzera
2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 6500mm
Longitudinal Rail Width and thickness
Gasaren presioa
Max. 0.1Mpa
Oxigenoaren presioa
Max. 1.0Mpa
Gasak moztea
Azetilenoaren / propano
Plasmaren energia iturria
Hypertherm PowerMAX65 / 85/1650 edo beste
Plasmaren airea
Airea bakarrik sakatu zuen
Plasmaren Aire Presioa
Max. 0.8Mpa
Gidatzeko modua
Ebaketa modua
sugarra eta plasma
Pizteko gailua
Autoak pizteko gailua
Height regulating device for gas
Gora doigarria elektrikoa
Height regulating device for plasma
arc torch height controller
Ebaketa zehaztasuna
± 0.5mm
± 0.01mm
Lan Tenperatura
-10 ºC-60 ºC. Hezetasun Erlatiboa,% 0-95.

Applicable materials

Iron plate, aluminum plate, titanium, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, white steel plate, metal materials.


Machine Feature

1, 7 inches 800*680 dots color LCD.
2, Chinese/English file system and menu, and the menu can be switched only by one key.
3,45 categories different graphics (including grid pattern), chip part and hole part are alternative.
4, Support the EIA code (G code) and various FastCAM,FreeNest,SmartNest,IBE softwares.
5, Compact keyboard design and easy to input files.
6, Graphics have some operations such as Proportion, Rotate, Mirror.
7,Graphics can be arrayed in matrix, interaction, stacked modes.
8,Steel plate can be adjusted according any steel side.
9, Self-diagnostic function, to diagnose the key status and all the IO status, facilitate inspection and debug
10, Provide a front USB interface for copying files.
11, System can be upgraded by USB interface easily, and we provide lifetime free upgrade service.
12, All functions and techniques can upgrade online and don’t worry about the after sale service.
13, Import and export files by single or all files.
14, Parameters backup and online upgrade.
15, Support the Flame, Plasma, Dusting draw and Demonstration four kinds of mode.
16, Including various types of processing parameters to meet the needs of different processes.
17, Flame and Plasma are separated in the control IO ports.
18, Support THC, two level preheat, three level pierce in flame mode.
19, Plasma arc feedback, positioning feedback, automatically shut down the arc at the corner.
20, Support edge cutting. It can save the preheat time for the thick steel plate.
21, Movement speed can be real-time acceleration, deceleration.
22, According to plate thickness, the cutting speed is automatically restricted by a speed limit in the corner, effectively preventing over burn.
23, Dynamic/static illustration of the process, graphics zoom in / out, dynamically tracking cut-off point under zooming state.
24, DSP as core can control the machine move in high speed accurately, stability and in low noise.
25, Starting speed and acceleration can be set by your convenience.
26, Automatically memorize the working situation and the last cutting point when power off.
27, "Cutting offset" function can avoid waste the steel plate when the nesting of the plate is calculated wrong.
28, Set up different administration authority and the corresponding password to safeguard the interests of managers.
29, Long-distance remote control can control the machine to move forward ,backward, left, right and cutting start, stop and so on (optional configuration).